The ULTIMATE Bachelorette Party Planning Guide


For my first TGIT blog post, I thought I’d start with what I know best- how to plan the perfect bachelorette party for your bride-to-be bestie. Here is everything you need to know when planning a bachelorette party:

What to do first:

Start by having the bride-to-be send you a list of her invites and their contact info.  Also have her give you 3 weekends that work best for her schedule. From there, create a Doodle or Survey monkey to find the date that works best for all the girls. Once the date has been selected, create a fun theme and invitation for the party (TGIT can help with this!) and email (or snail mail) it out to the girls.

*TIP: Make sure to give the girls a deadline date to confirm if they are attending for sure or not. You will need to start booking hotel rooms, activities, etc. and need a final headcount to make sure you don’t get stuck with the bill for anything!

It’s all about the bride:

The bachelorette party should be ALL about the bride.  It’s definitely easy to lose sight of this and accidentally make the festivities about yourself and the guests but the best way to avoid this is to find out the bride’s expectations up front. Some brides LOVE the extra attention of wearing a tiara and sash and others want nothing to do with this. Does she want activities that are more laid back or a total rager? Does she want things to be PG-rated or, um, a little more R-rated? You can definitely still keep all of the plans and goodies a surprise but make sure to have this conversation up front to keep the bride happy!

Stay organized:

I cannot stress this enough: keeping everything in an organized spreadsheet is so important, especially if it’s a large group. Create a shared Google Doc with all of the below info:

  • Tab One: Name, Phone Number, T-Shirt Size, Dietary Restrictions, Flight Info (for each girl)
  • Tab Two: Costs due per girl (See below for more info!)
  • Tab Three: Hotel Info, Room Assignments, Itinerary for the weekend

As the planner, it’s safe to say you will be putting down a lot of money for the party i.e. hotel rooms or Airbnb, planned meals, activities, the “Bachelorette in a Box” (shameless plug, I had to!), etc. Use the shared Google Doc to keep all of the costs you are spending organized and keep track of who and when each girl is paying you back.

Keep track of costs:

Speaking of costs, it’s important to remember everyone has a budget and it’s likely all the guests will be spending a lot on transportation just to be there for the bride’s weekend. Keep this in mind when choosing lodging and activities and make sure to keep everyone in the loop before booking.

It’s typically traditional bachelorette party etiquette to cover all costs for the bride-to-be- including the hotel room, her meals, drinks, etc.  This can definitely vary from group to group but make sure the entire group is aware and okay with this up front.  When it comes to extra goodies for the bride i.e. décor, goodie bags, alcohol for the pre-party, etc., it’s totally up to the planner to decide how to handle these costs. Sometimes the planner or maid-of-honor takes on these costs themselves or some parties divide it amongst the group.

Have the entire group download the app “Splitwise” before the party.  When it comes to smaller charges like uber rides, cocktails, etc., this app is a lifesaver!

In my experience, it’s always nice to bring gifts to the bachelorette party but something that shouldn’t be required. It’s possible that all the guests are already giving the bride-to-be a gift at the bridal party so this should not be something that’s required. Make sure both the bride-to-be and guests are aware of this to avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable!

What stays at the party stays on…Instagram:

It’s always important to be careful about what gets posted on social media during and after the bachelorette party. Depending on the group, bachelorette parties can get a bit…wild. Make sure to get approval from the bride-to-be and others before posting any risqué pics. The best way to get everyone’s photos after the party is to create a private Facebook album for the group to contribute to- for your eyes only!

What to wear:

There are no exact rules when it comes to dress code for a bachelorette party but in my opinion, it’s the most fun part of the planning process! First things first, it’s customary for the bride-to-be to wear white - so make sure the other girls leave their white dresses at home for the weekend.  For the bachelorette parties I’ve planned, we typically choose one night or daytime activity to wear our custom shirts and another night to wear all black dresses, with the bride-to-be in white or a pop color. If you want to go another route than shirts, you can create custom baseball caps, tote bags, etc. - the possibilities are endless!

Avoid drama:

This is, of course, easier said than done. The hardest part about bachelorette parties is having so many different friend groups and personalities together in such close quarters for an entire weekend.  If you know the bride has two friends that don’t see eye to eye, keep them in separate hotel rooms and make sure nothing gets out of hand. The most important part? Make sure the bride-to-be doesn’t have to deal with any unnecessary conflicts and that she is focusing on having fun!

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