16 Gift Ideas For Every Basic B*tch On Your List

16 Gift Ideas For Every Basic B*tch On Your List

We all have one (or ten) basic bitches in our life. You know who I'm talking about…The girl who has a Peppermint Mocha latte in hand promptly after Thanksgiving and sings along to every word of the Mariah Carey holiday album. So, what do you get a bitch that already has all the scented candles, cozy blankets and Starbucks tumblers that she needs? Keep reading to find a gift for every basic on your list (or maybe for yourself…I mean, tis the season to #treatyourself, after all)


For the girl who is always up-to-date on the latest lingo:

okurrr, cardi b, kardashians


For the besties you can always count on to get drunk at brunch with:

just a brunch of basics


For the girl who bought her dog a cozy holiday sweater…:

basic dog mom


For that co-worker that always shows up to work on Monday still drunk from the weekend…:

still drunk dad hat


For the friend who still owes you money:

venmo me crop top


For your BFF that is always ready to take a basic cheers boomerang with you:

did it for the gram tote bag


For the bitch that always takes it one step too far:



For the girl that spent one month abroad in 2011 but starts every story with “When I lived in Europe…”

i studied abroad tank top


For the girl who won’t stfu about her juice cleanse:

juice cleanse szn

For the newly engaged friend that won’t stop showing off her ring…:

does this ring make me engaged


For the girl who always complains about being cold:

i wasn't made for winter cropped hoodie


For the friend that’s vegan…ish:




For your bestie that’s constantly making you proud:

you're doing amazing sweetie



For the “Momager”/Boss Bitch in your life:

what would kris jenner do


For the baby that's a basic bitch in progress:

literally, i can't


And for the most basic of all basic bitches:

things basic girls say

Happy gifting, basic b*tches!



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